Should Donald Trump go to the infamous Fulton prison?

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump is expected to appear in police custody in the state of Georgia in the next few days. When he comes to appear in the local criminal court, he will spend several hours in jail. However, the fate of his co-accused may not be so good.
Georgia authorities have announced that Trump and 18 other defendants may be held in Fulton County Jail in Atlanta before appearing in court. However, the authorities have warned that the ‘situation’ may change.
Trump must appear in court on Aug. 25 to face charges of trying to sway the 2020 presidential election.
Local Sheriff Pat Labat said officials would follow “customary procedures” during Trump’s case. But experts say Trump could spend weeks, months, or even years in the county’s notorious jail while awaiting trial. The jail in Fulton County is very insecure.
When a defendant is arrested in the United States. They must remain in jail pending a bail hearing. Or they are kept in jail with short-term imprisonment, there are also precedents. And if convicted, the offender has to spend a longer time in prison.
According to a September 2022 report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), hundreds of inmates were held at Fulton Prison for more than 90 days. Because they were not yet formally charged or they could not pay enough money as surety for their bail.117 convicts were found in that jail.

who were incarcerated in that jail for more than a year?

But they have not been accused in court yet. Apart from this, there were 12 accused, who were imprisoned for more than two years.
Fallon McClure, Georgia state officer for the ACLU, said the Fulton prison has been overcrowded since its construction. This picture has been seen in this prison for years.
Prosecutors have not yet released details on how Trump is being charged in Georgia. However, the way in which charges have been brought against him in the past in New York, Florida, and Washington DC, gives some indication of the process. However, Trump has denied all the allegations against him.
After Trump appeared in court in these three states, his basic information and fingerprints were taken like those of other defendants. However, he has been kept in solitary confinement apart from other criminal offenders. His work was quickly completed in court. Members of the intelligence agencies and US Marshals surrounded him in these courts.
Unlike other defendants, Trump was not photographed or handcuffed. Authorities said there was no need to photograph him. Because he has many pictures.
After the hearing in the courts of these three states, Trump left the court with the motorcade.
Experts say some scenes from those three courts could be seen in Fulton County. A long-time attorney in Fulton County who is working for Trump says, “Trump is a former US president.” So he will be treated as such here. Our clients will put ashes in the face of critics.

Election interference: Trump accused in Georgia this time

Former US President Donald Trump has been accused of trying to reverse the results of his defeat in the state of Georgia in the 2020 US election.
A Georgia grand jury issued an indictment indicting Trump on Monday.
The indictment issued by a Fulton County grand jury in Georgia charges Trump and others with 41 criminal offenses. Trump has been accused of criminal offenses for the fourth time this year. In all cases, he has denied the allegations leveled against him.
Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis opened an investigation into alleged election interference against Trump and his associates in February 2021.
Willis is a Democrat. Trump called his investigation “politically motivated.”
The 2020 US presidential election was won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden. However, the then-Republican Party President Trump was accused of fraud in this election. He carried out various activities to change the results of the election.
Biden won the US presidential election in Georgia. But Trump refused to accept it. He claimed that he had won the Georgia vote. Something bad happened there. Otherwise, he cannot lose there at all. Trump tried to reverse the results in Georgia.
Even after leaving the White House, former US President Donald Trump has been accused in a case of keeping US ‘secret government documents’ with himself.

The US media reported this news on Friday.

According to reports, the 76-year-old Trump is facing seven charges, including illegal possession of secret government documents. However, the country’s government has not yet officially disclosed these allegations.
Former US President Donald Trump has been accused in a second case including this case related to state secret documents. If found guilty in court, he faces up to 10 years in prison Trump himself has confirmed that he is indicted in a case involving state secrets. Confirming this information on his established social media, Truth Social, Trump wrote on Thursday local time, that a summons has been issued in his name to appear in a federal court in Miami accusing him. However, Trump claimed to be innocent.

According to Trump, “I never thought it would be possible to do that (indictment) with a former president of the United States.” He said that it was a “dark day” for the country, adding, “We are a country in rapid decline.” Additionally, this deterioration is rather severe. But by working together, we can restore America’s greatness.
Trump’s lawyer, Jim Trusty, told CNN that a subpoena has been sent to the former US president (Donald Trump). There are details of the complaint. These include conspiracy, perjury, obstruction of justice, and unlawful possession of state secrets under the Espionage Act, Jim Trusty said. The U.S. Justice Department declined to comment on the charges against Trump, and the government has yet to formally release the allegations. Earlier last year, Donald Trump’s operation was carried out in Mar-a-Logo, Florida.

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