14 more people died in dengue


14 more people have died due to dengue across the country. With this, 327 people died of dengue this year. Most of them died in Dhaka hospitals.

This information was given in a press release of the Department of Health this evening. Earlier, on July 26, 14 people died in this way in a single day.
According to the notification, 10 people died inside Dhaka and 4 outside Dhaka among the people who died in the last 24 hours till eight o’clock on Monday morning. This year, 258 people died in Dhaka hospitals and 69 outside Dhaka due to this disease.
76 people died of dengue in the first 7 days of August. At this time,

The number of people affected by dengue is 17 thousand 651.

However, the highest number of people have died from dengue this year, 204 last July. In that month, 43 thousand 854 people were admitted to different hospitals.

According to the information from the Department of Health, a total of 69 thousand 483 people have been infected with dengue this year. Among them 36 thousand 720 people in Dhaka and 32 thousand 763 people outside Dhaka. 9 thousand 572 people are currently receiving treatment for dengue in the whole country.
Meanwhile, more people are being admitted to hospitals due to dengue outside Dhaka city. In the last 24 hours, 2 thousand 751 people have been admitted to the hospital due to dengue throughout the country. Among them, 1 thousand 119 people have been admitted to hospitals in Dhaka. And 1 thousand 632 people were admitted to hospitals outside Dhaka.
Before this, 179 people died in 2019. Apart from this, 7 people died in 2020 and 105 people died in 2021.
The pressure of dengue patients outside is increasing in Dhaka
Seventy-year-old Anita Mondal developed a fever five days ago. Dengue was diagnosed after testing. After that, he started taking treatment in his own area Gopalganj. Later, when his health worsened, he was admitted to Faridpur Medical College Hospital. But as there was no improvement, the doctors advised him to go to Dhaka.

On Friday afternoon at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Anita Mondal was found trapped between the two stairs leading to the seventh floor (Medicine Department) of the hospital. He was admitted last Thursday night. Anita Mondal’s daughter Aarti Mondal told Prothom Alo that her mother’s body was fine in the beginning. But two days after the fever, the teeth started bleeding. It could not be stopped even in Faridpur. Later they moved to Dhaka Medical. Treatment is going on here and Anita Mandal’s bleeding has also stopped.

Some more patients from outside Dhaka were seen at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Many of them have come to Dhaka on the advice of their local doctors.
Abu Bakr works at Gulistan Trade Center. A week ago, when he developed a fever, he went to his home in Kishoreganj. When he was diagnosed with dengue there, he was admitted to Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College. But his platelet count gradually dropped to 11,000.
Abu Bakar was found on the floor outside the seventh-floor ward of the medicine department of Dhaka Medical. He told Prothom Alo that now his body is fine. You may be able to leave the hospital within a day or two.
Shaheed Shekhar of Gopalganj also had reduced platelets. The doctors there sent him to Dhaka. He is also receiving treatment at Dhaka Medical. Mohammad Manik from Sirajganj came to Dhaka a week ago for work. Esei contracted dengue and was admitted to the hospital for three days. Manik was lying on the sixth floor of the hospital. His mother Maina Khatun said Manik was studying in high school. But he quit studying and came to Dhaka to work. He was infected with dengue.
Department of Medicine with sixth, seventh, and eighth floors of Ka Medical. There is no room to step in this section. There are two or three patients in the empty space between the two stairs. One of them is Mosharraf Hossain. Sleeping with mosquito nets. He was admitted here after coming from Mohakhali last night. His wife Yasmin, who was by his side, told Prothom Alo that her husband’s dengue was not detected in the first test. The doctor admitted and re-examined. Because the fever is not subsiding and all the symptoms are there.

According to the pre-monsoon survey data of the Health Department

This year’s situation is several times worse than that of 2019. The density of Aedes mosquitoes, the vector of dengue fever, and the number of potential breeding sites are the highest this time in the last five years. Out of the 98 wards of the two city corporations of Dhaka, 55 are at high risk of dengue. In 2019 there were 21 high-risk wards.
The Department of Health says that according to the pre-monsoon survey, the presence of dengue-carrying Aedes mosquitoes is high in all areas of the two city corporations of Dhaka. In addition to the vigorous activities of the city corporation, the situation can turn dire if the city dwellers are not aware.
This year, 61 people have died of dengue fever till Tuesday. Affected 9 thousand 871 people. Among them, in the last 24 hours (from 8 am last Monday to 8 am yesterday), the number of deaths and cases of dengue in one day this year was the highest. Five people died during this time.

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