Floods in Bandarban: Such water has not happened in 25 years, and people are still in shelters

Floods in Bandarban

Four years ago, Paul Mong Marma left the family planning division. He lives with his wife, one son, and two daughters in Ujanipara of Bandarban Sadar on the banks of the Sangu River. A part of his two-room fenced house was washed away in this flood. The furniture was washed away. Somehow saved his life by moving to the front. Now he has rented a house in a nearby building.
Pul Mong Marma that he had not seen such water in the last 25 years. The last time saw this much was in 1997. Officially, this flood is being compared with 1997. Local residents said that even if the water rose once in 2019, it was not so terrible. Someone lost their home and took refuge in the house of relatives. Someone has gone up to the rented house. Many have started building new houses. Many are also in shelters.
According to the district administration, 6,569 houses were damaged. Floods in Bandarban There are still around 400 families in shelters. They spend their days in the shelter with their pet poultry and cattle.

Water started receding in Bandarban on Thursday.

Friday goes down completely. Yesterday Sunday, on the ground in Bandarban city, only floods can be seen all around. Four years ago, Paul Mong Marma left the family planning division. The reservoirs have been washed away, the road is still covered with mud, the crops have been destroyed, and the crops have been destroyed.
Now the big crisis is with fresh water. The Army and the Directorate of Public Health and Engineering are struggling to ensure a safe water supply. Anupam Dey, executive engineer of the Directorate of Public Health Engineering, said, “Our water treatment plant has been submerged in water.” Now I am purifying water on a mobile basis.’
Deputy Commissioner Shah Mojahid Uddin is now looking at the challenge of spreading waterborne diseases including diarrhea in the post-flood period. Yesterday in the district law and order meeting, the district commissioner said that 10 people have died in the hilly landslides so far. The water rose in 132 schools. Several people are still in shelters. Relief operations are underway. It will take one to one and a half months to restore communication with the two isolated upazilas of Thanchi and Ruma.
Looking at the Water Development Board’s financial reports can help you comprehend how severe the flood was. Due to heavy rains and landslides, the Sangu River has flowed 5 meters above the water level (14.8 meters) (ie 19.25 meters). In 1997, it flowed 5.5 meters above the danger line. Floods in Bandarban Along with Sangu, the water of the Matamuhuri River also flows 3 and a half meters above Bipatseema (11.8). Because of this, the flood damage has increased.

Poultry is also sheltered from humans

Looking at the Water Development Board’s financial reports can help you comprehend how severe the flood was. Then came here with her husband and two daughters.
Yesterday afternoon he was seen feeding the chickens brought with him. There were six tin canopies in the home, he said. After the flood only two tins and two poles. All washed away.
Rika Sardar, a second lady who is 30 years old, arrived at the shelter with a goat.
A second Marma woman additionally visited the refuge with her four ducks.
Most of their houses were washed away by the floods. Rika said food has not been served there for three days.
There are still many hill-Bengali men and women in the shelter of Bandarban Government Girls’ High School. The Madhyam Para resident Rahima Begum, 35, who sought refuge here, stated, “My husband works as a day worker. He has no work. He gave me two kilograms of rice. I am cooking here with it.
On the surface, it can be seen that the sheltered people are cooking by themselves by installing a brick stove.
From there, going to Madhyampara, it can be seen that the people returning home from the shelter are struggling to live anew. Some did not return home. One such Ubanu Marma. He said, “My house has been washed away. Now I am in big trouble with two sons and daughters and a wife. I will build a new house, I don’t even have that money.’

As much damage as

Various departments are continuing to assess the full damage of Floods in Bandarban of the flood. According to Executive Engineer Mosleh Uddin Chowdhury, a total of 15 kilometers of road including the Ruma-Thanchi road of the road department has been damaged. He said that the repair work of Ruma and Thanchi roads is done by the army. Beyond this, there are about 15 km of damaged roads. The damage amount is Rs. 10 crores.
About 200 kilometers of rural roads have been damaged. Rural roads are the focus of the local government engineering department. Assistant engineer of the company. Jamal Uddin said that 200 kilometers of roads have been damaged. One side of some roads has completely collapsed. A loss of Rs. 100 crore has been calculated.
The loss of the fisheries department in the flood is about two and a half crore rupees. 430 water bodies were washed away. Apart from this, 159 fish farming projects have been affected by the dam, said District Fisheries Officer Abhijit Sheel. He said that the maximum number of 150 reservoirs and 30 lakes were washed away in Lama Upazila.

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