Tottenham is seeking at least £100 million for Harry Kane.

Harry Kane

Then it is not even 6 million pounds! Other factors may increase the figure by several million. But Tottenham Hotspurs do not agree with that. They won’t let Harry Kane go to Bayern Munich at this price. The German club is also not giving up on the top goalscorer in the history of the England national team. The British newspaper The Times reported that Bayern is ready to raise the price.

At the end of last season, it was rumored that Real Madrid wanted to buy Kane. The buzz intensified after Karim Benzema left Real. Some media also put Manchester United in the race to buy Kane. But at the end of last May.

The name Bayern Munich appeared in the list of clubs interested in buying Harry Kane.

A few days ago, the European media emphasized that Kane’s move to Bayern is very certain.
The Times reported that the Bundesliga club held preliminary negotiations with Kane, citing Bayern sources. That suggests Harry Kane is open to a transfer to Bayern if the price is acceptable to both sides. To put it another way, considering Tottenham turned down a £60 million bid from Bayern earlier this week, the price will have to climb. And if Tottenham agrees to that price, then Kane has no objection to changing his address.
Harry Kane Kane, who came up from Tottenham’s age group, has scored the club’s top goalscorer in the last 9 seasons. The 29-year-old striker is also the top goalscorer in the club’s history. His contract with Tottenham will expire at the end of next season. Kane can leave his childhood club as a free agent at the end of next season if he does not sign a new contract. Has yet to win any title for the club.

According to the media, despite the opportunity to break Alan Shearer’s record for the most goals in the English Premier League, Harry Kane Kane wants to change the address to win the trophy. If he joins Bayern, it is more likely that he will end this drought.
According to The Times, Tottenham are unwilling to let go of their top goalscorer. That’s why he rejected Bayern’s first offer. If the price increases, Tottenham may move away from this position. Tottenham wants to start the negotiations for Kane at 100 million pounds.

Harry Kane scored 28 goals this season

Scored 28 goals in the Premier League. But despite these 28 goals, his club Tottenham failed. Given his stats, he deserved a lot this season. But Harry Kane has fallen behind Arling Holland. Manchester City striker scored 36 goals and took the title of ‘goal machine’. But Kane himself is not far behind. Harry Kane scored 30 goals in the 2017-18 season. This time too there is an opportunity to touch that magic figure in front of the England captain. Tottenham still have a match against Leeds United.
Holland is the only player in Europe’s top leagues to have scored more goals than Harry Kane this season. Apart from Kane, only PSG’s Kylian Mbappe and Fenerbahce’s Ener Valencia have scored 28 goals each. Cain’s regret is in several places; One, his club Tottenham has not done anything this season. Their position is eighth in the Premier League points table. Two, Holland’s prodigious scoring ability. Despite scoring less than 28 goals, Kane has previously won the Golden Boot award for the Premier League’s top goalscorer. In two of the three seasons Kane won the Golden Boot, he scored fewer than 28 goals. Kane scored more goals in his Premier League career only in the 2017-18 season (30).
The goal against Brentford was his first as a player to score in 25 different games. Each team plays 38 matches in the Premier League. Despite all this, it is natural for Kane to be proud of his club Tottenham. After the 2007-08 season, this is the lowest position of Tottenham in the league table. After making his debut at Tottenham in 2009, he played at Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich City, and Leicester on loan before returning to Tottenham in 2014. In the 2020-21 season, Tottenham only finished seventh in the league during his Tottenham career.

Tottenham ‘Champions’ in goal, the rest in success
When it comes to the world’s most popular and competitive domestic sports event, everyone will say the English Premier League in one word. The A league is home to the majority of the world’s powerhouse teams. The names of the clubs are also spoken by everyone.

England’s top-tier competition, launched in 1888, was renamed the First Division Football League in 1892. Exactly 100 years later, in 1992, it was renamed as Premier League. Over 135 years, England’s highest level of football has witnessed many events, thousands of special moments, and goals.
Now if the question is asked, which club’s players have scored the most goals in this top football league of England; Then surely you will stop and start thinking. Many people may directly name Manchester United, Liverpool, or Arsenal without thinking so much. They are the top three in terms of success. The footballers of these three clubs have won the award for the highest goal scorer, it is natural to think that!

But statistics say otherwise. Tottenham Hotspur players have been the top goalscorer in England’s top football league the most 13 times. Tottenham’s dominance in the last seven seasons. The players of this club have been the top scorers four times. Everton and Arsenal jointly top the list as the club with the highest goal scorer 12 times. The next two places are Liverpool (11) and relegated Sunderland (8).

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