Imran Khan is in trouble due to flies and insects in prison

Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party chairman Imran Khan lamented the ‘unlivable’ environment of the jail. There in his room flies fly during the day and insects emerge at night. So he urged the lawyers to take the initiative to get him out of there quickly.
A prison source confirmed to Geo News that the former Prime Minister of Pakistan said this after meeting the lawyer.
Imran was arrested from his home in Lahore last Saturday after serving a three-year sentence in the state gift buying and selling (Toshakhana) corruption case. He was detained in jail that day.
A jail source told Geo News that Imran Khan is having a tough time in jail. After meeting his lawyer in jail, he said, “Get me out of here.

I don’t want to be in jail.

Jail authorities allowed lawyer Naeem Haider Panjotha to meet Imran on Monday. After meeting the PTI chairman, Panjotha said, Imran has been kept in a difficult situation. The former prime minister has been given C-category prison facilities.
Panjotha further said that despite all the hardships, the PTI chief has kept his spirit. He said, if necessary, he will be in jail for the rest of his life, but he will not accept slavery.
According to prison sources, the PTI chairman expressed concern about the conditions inside the prison in a meeting with the lawyer. He said that flies fly in his cell during the day and insects emerge at night.
Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan was accused of abuse of power by buying and selling state gifts on foreign tours while he was prime minister. The value of these gifts is 14 crore Pakistani rupees.
On Tuesday, Imran Khan’s sentence in the corruption case was stayed and his bail was appealed. PTI has appealed to Chief Justice Amir Farooq in Islamabad High Court to transfer Imran from detention jail to Adiala Jail.

Imran, a Class II prisoner, claims Class I benefits

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was sentenced to three years in prison in a corruption case, is in Punjab’s Attock District Jail. He is being given the privilege of second-class prisoner. The English Daily Dawn of Pakistan reported this information about a senior officer of that prison.
Imran Khan was arrested from Lahore after the Additional District and Sessions Judge of Islamabad announced the sentence last Saturday. That same evening he was sent to Attock District Jail. Imran is the first former Prime Minister of Pakistan to be held in this ‘infamous’ prison.
A senior officer of Attock Prison said that according to the Pakistan Prisons Act 1978, prisoners are divided into three categories. These three classes are superior, general, and political.
The prison official said that Imran Khan is getting second-class benefits, under this he will get books in prison, and he can also take Apart from this, he will be allotted a table, a chair, 21-inch television, a mattress, clothes, and food provided.

There is also a bathroom for him.

But there is no opportunity to give food from outside.
As a Class II prisoner, Imran Khan can meet his lawyer and family members one day a week. He can get some additional benefits. However, to get this additional benefit, one has to apply to the Inspector of Prisons.
Meanwhile, his party PTI has requested to transfer Imran Khan to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi. On behalf of PTI, this application was made in the Islamabad High Court on Monday. At the same time, considering Imran Khan’s educational qualification and social and political status, he has been requested to be given first or ‘A’ class facilities in the jail.

It is argued in the petition

Imran Khan has grown up in affluence since childhood. He is used to high life due to education, hobbies, and prestigious socio-political position. Imran, a graduate of Oxford University, was the captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team. As a result, he has the right to get “A” class benefits according to the Pakistan Prison Rules, considering his social and political status, education, and getting used to a better way of life.

Niam Haider Panjotha, the spokesperson for Imran Khan’s legal team, filed this application in the Islamabad High Court demanding first-class facilities in prison. By submitting the application on Monday, he said, “Imran Khan has been kept in a 99 square feet room in the jail.” At the same time, the petition requested the court to declare Imran Khan’s detention in Attock jail as ‘illegal’.

PTI’s appeal against the verdict against Imran

On Monday, the party appealed to the Supreme Court. PTI wants the Supreme Court to set aside the judgment passed by Additional District and Sessions Judge Humayan Dilwar.

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