Many Israelis are now seeking to leave the country, experts worry

Many Israelis are now seeking to leave the country, experts worry

The government has taken steps to reform the law to reduce the power of Israel’s judiciary. A huge debate has started on this. Thousands of Israelis are protesting this every week. In this situation, a new trend has emerged among the citizens. A recently published survey revealed that one in three Israeli citizens is planning to leave the country.
Chen Hoffman is an Israeli professor who wants to leave the country. Hoffman also participated in the protest that took place in Tel Aviv last Saturday night. There, this doctor said, ‘It is not part of our culture to protest on the streets. However, we are compelled to because we are in danger of losing our nation. This is how it seems to us now.

Hoffman has a special reputation in Israel as a physician.

He is now trying to settle in the UK with his wife and children. He is in the process of joining a UK hospital as a doctor. He is also encouraging other family members to go abroad.
Explaining why he wants to settle abroad, Hoffman said, “I’m going to London after a few years off.” Through this, I basically want to see whether I can live abroad or not. If I see that the situation (in Israel) is getting worse day by day, I will not return. I will find a place somewhere.’

Demonstrators say that the government’s initiative to reform the judiciary in Israel will threaten the country’s democracy. However, the country’s radical right-wing current government claims that this will balance the power of the judiciary with the law department. Because, in the existing law, the Supreme Court has the power to change any decision of the Parliament.
But some of the protesters believe that the government will back away from the law that has been passed to reduce the powers of the judiciary and other reforms that have been taken. But most people don’t think so. That is why most of the protestors are thinking of leaving the country.
Sarah has been protesting against the government’s reform plan to reduce the powers of the judiciary. This woman said, ‘It (leaving the country) will be heartbreaking for me.

But I don’t want to bring up children in a country where there is no democracy.

Immigration experts in Israel say the number of Israelis emigrating has increased in recent months. They say the negative impact of judicial reform on the economy and the rising cost of living have fueled Israelis’ desire to leave the country.
The evidence was found in the words of Shai Obazanek, CEO of Ocean Relocation, one of the organizations working on immigration in Israel. He said, ‘We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking information about going abroad. The biggest issue that has increased is that we want to leave the country, how do we start this process? Apart from this, those who have passports from other countries are also seeking advice in this regard.

Portugal-based immigration expert Ruth Nevo. He has not received any Israeli customers for so long. Ruth Nevo, who recently received her first Israeli customer, said, “For years there was not a single customer, now I get 25 customers a day.” Most of the customers are highly educated. Everyone who has been talked to about this, says what is happening.
Analysts say Israel’s recent political impasse has exposed deep divisions in the country’s society. This has sounded the alarm of changing demographics. The current government is controlled by far-right Jews and Jewish nationalists. who are socially conservative. The number of these conservative citizens in Israel is steadily increasing due to the high birth rate.
On the other hand, the population known as liberal and secular in Israel is steadily decreasing. Because these citizens feel a threat to the rulers in their freedom of liberal living. At present, they fear, even the judiciary will no longer be able to protect their civil rights.
Professor Alon Tal, head of the public policy department at Tel Aviv University, says that if Israelis continue to leave the country in droves, the consequences will be devastating. The economy will suffer because of this. Especially in sectors like technology, medicine, and education.
Prof. Alon said that Israel’s innovation sector and economic development have been driven by the country’s reliance on true talent. When they decide that enough is enough, they have to leave the country, then they realize that economic disaster is coming.
Three Palestinians were killed by Israelis forces in the West Bank of Palestine on Tuesday. The Palestinian Health Ministry said it was the latest death in violence in the territory since early last year. The ministry also said that these three Palestinians were killed by Israeli bullets in Nablus. Their identity is not yet known.

The Israeli army says three armed youths opened fire on its troops from a vehicle on the outskirts of Nablus, and the troops returned fire to neutralize them.
The Israeli army said in a statement that the soldiers recovered several military weapons including an M-16 rifle, a gun, and cartridges.
The assassination from yesterday, according to Nabil Abu Rudeineh, is a war crime. “Our people will not bow down to Israel’s crimes,” he said in a statement.

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