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In 1994, Bachir Uddin Degree College was established in Mirzapur, Mithapukur, Rangpur by former Director General of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, M. Matlubar Rahman. Although educational institution plays a role in the spread of education in remote areas. Now the discussion is about recruitment and trade.
Not only at Bachir Uddin Degree College, but in various private MPO educational institutions in Mithapukur, there are often complaints of such irregularities in the appointments made by the management committee including fourth class, headmaster, and assistant headmaster.
There are 167 private MPO-affiliated lower and secondary schools, higher secondary and degree colleges, and Dakhil, Alim, and Fazil madrasas in Mithapukur. Related sources including the district and Upazila secondary education office said that in the last three years. At least one and a half hundred posts of principal, head teacher, assistant head teacher, office assistant, office assistant, lab assistant, nanny, night watchman and security personnel have been recruited in various educational institutions in Mithapukur upazila.

According to related sources, since 2015, teachers are appointed through NTRCA (Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority) in private MPO educational institutions. However, in MPO-affiliated educational institutions, principals, head teachers, assistant head teachers, and third and fourth-class posts are appointed through the management committee.
It has been found that most of the educational institutions in the upazila are presidents of the local parliament member (Rangpur-5) HN Ashiqur Rahman and his son Rashek Rahman, who are close to the local Awami League leaders. There are various allegations of employment trading against these management committees. In 20 such educational institutions, Prothom Alo has conducted field investigations and obtained information in favor of the complaint.
However, Member of Parliament and Awami League Central Committee Treasurer HN Ashikur Rahman told Prothom Alo that management committees are formed through elections in educational institutions. 95 to 98 percent of the recruitment is done by the management committee of educational institutions.
Bachir Uddin College


Bir Muktijoddha Akheruzzaman, member of the Donor Committee of the institution and younger brother of late Matlubar Rahman, held a press conference at Mithapukur Press Club on May 6 to protest against recruitment and trade in Bachir Uddin Degree College. According to Akheruzzaman, seven people were appointed as office assistants, lab assistants, and cleaners in this college last January. Principal Khandaker Mushfiqur Rahman and the college management committee have done a ‘recruit-trade’ in this appointment.

Jahangir Alam, a resident of Mirzapur, claimed to Prothom Alo

that the principal of the college took Tk 10 lakh from him for offering him a job as an office assistant cum computer operator. Another job seeker, Nazmul Islam, claimed that the principal took three and a half lakh taka from him by assuring him of a job as a lab assistant (ICT). Both job seekers claimed that they did not get the job. Those who paid more got jobs. When an investigation team of the National University came to the college on July 23, they made a written complaint about this.
College cleaner Dilip Kumar alleged that Principal Mushfiqur Rahman took Tk 2 lakh 80 thousand in advance for his wife Kadmi Rani for the newly created post of cleaner. But Kadmi did not get a job.

However, principal Khandaker Mushfiqur Rahman claimed that there was no trade-in recruitment. He said that Dilip brought some money and asked for his wife’s job. But since he was returned with the money, now he is spreading misinformation. And the allegations of Jahangir and Nazmul are completely false.

Images of other institutions

Rupasi High School’s recruitment circular for five posts including Assistant Headmaster was published on May 23. Many have applied for it. The recruitment process is still ongoing. In the meantime, it has been alleged that headmaster Rezaul Haque and the school management committee have taken money from some job seekers.
On July 25 spoke with the families of two job seekers for the positions of nanny and office assistant. The two families said that they paid 3 lakh rupees to the head teacher for the job.
Another job seeker’s father, Samchul Islam of Rupasi Napitpara village, alleged that the headmaster took Tk 6 lakh for offering his son Salim Mia a job as a lab assistant. But the school has not sanctioned the post of lab assistant. Not getting my money back either.

Headteacher Rezaul Haque claimed that he has personal financial transactions with some job seekers. However, the allegation that he took money in the name of recruitment is not correct.
On January 15, Moulbiganj High School published a recruitment circular for four posts. The chairman of the management committee of this school is the Khoragach Union Parishad chairman and Awami League leader. Asaduzzaman.

He is accused of taking money from job seekers.

Among them, they told that Mumtaz Begum of Padaganj Paschimpara village paid Tk 4 lakh, Mostna Begum Tk 1 lakh, and Tamanna Aktar Tk 550,000 for a job as a nanny. Asaduzzaman claimed to Prothom Alo that he has business dealings with Tamannaah’s husband Sanju Mia. Most wanted to give him money but he did not take it. He does not know Mumtaz.
Appointment with permission of Member of Parliament
and members of the management committee of some institutions told on the condition of anonymity that if they tell the upazila secondary education officer to appoint MPO-affiliated educational institutions, he asks to get the consent of parliamentarian Ashikur Rahman or his son Rashek Rahman.

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